My name is Stuart Fountain and I am the Director of Mud Group, a Graphic Design Studio based in Barongarook, Victoria.

Established in the year 2000, we have been fortunate to work with some wonderful clients that have followed our journey, starting in Ballarat, through Geelong, Winchelsea to our new home in Barongarook.

illustration by Richard Szymczuk www.roadszide-images.com

Big on solutions

Mud Group is multi-disciplined with experience in all areas of graphic design. From small, one-off direct mail pieces to a total brand building exercise, we follow a proven process of assessing the environment and audience, developing an appropriate design solution, then researching that solution before final presentation.

Big on service

Mud Group is committed to providing strong, effective design solutions. Through a detailed briefing process, we assess the perceptions of the brand and identify visual elements to give the identity a point of difference. Having identified the goals of the brand,we build from concept to creative. We then implement and supervise the final art through printing and publishing. Delivering concept to reality. Every client enjoys the same level of commitment and enthusiasm,ensuring that you are in front of your competition.

Big on team

Mud Group is a collective of talented, passionate individuals.We lead our class in design, photography, copywriting, printing and web development. It's a potent combination that delivers powerful and reliable performance ensuring there is a model to suit your needs… whatever they may be.

Big on reputation

Mud Group has a proud history carved from years of hard work. Since 2000, Mud Group has been delivering the goods. The knowledge we've gained creating distinctive design solutions from small brands to large business can be seen in every delivery we make.